About Us

Over the past decade, Koolaburra has transcended the sheepskin boot market to become an international premium fashion footwear brand. Our luxurious, yet edgy and unique point of view has turned our fashion-forward footwear into a staple of style icons everywhere. Priding ourselves on innovation and authenticity, we are constantly redefining the boundaries of footwear. We delight in the special details and chic embellishments that have become our signature. This year, Koolaburra expanded with a highly successful Spring/Summer 2010 footwear collection that gave the brand a complete year-round offering.

Constant innovation is the mantra of Koolaburra’s design team and we continuously up the bar with our Modern Classics and new Luxe Collections. Demand for our product is driven by our ability to constantly evolve.

Core to our vision is a love of fashion and music. Every season our collections are infused with a soundtrack of both modern and classic songs. Like a beloved stack of records, Koolaburra is perfect mix, juxtaposing the ethos of rocker chic daring with boho sensibility. Like no other shoe can, we can take a wearer from the sidewalks of the big city to the beaches of Malibu, making a statement with every step.



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